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Is concealed cistern a good idea?

The idea that the tank is inside the wall and only the part of the toilet that needs to be outside is visible started in Italy in 1964.
In the last few years, the general interest of builders and interior architects has gone towards the built-in flush tank.
But now the question still remains, Is concealed cistern a good idea?


  1) It’s modern and sleek

It’s a modern look. The buttons are usually chromatic and gold which offers a stylish look for the interior of your bathroom. With different tap finishes like matte gold and brass becoming popular, the buttons and plates can usually be ordered to match tapware for a unified look.

  2) Saves space in the bathroom

It’s a great space saver if you have a small bathroom. It can make a small bathroom look less busy.

  3) Offers a hygienic option and is easier to clean

It’s hygienic as the box style cistern is thought to harbor dust and bacteria in and underneath the cistern.

  4) Value added

 Concealed toilets are a sought-after style, installing one could potentially increase the resale value of your property.

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