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Water Saving Shower Heads

One of the easiest ways you decrease your water bills is to invest in a water-saving shower head. In this article we’ll outline how they work and the options you have alongside a few other ways you can save water.  For the majority of people, a daily shower is probably their biggest usage of water, which is why it’s an excellent place to start saving.

How Can Shower Heads Save Water?

Water saving shower heads will reduce the amount of water you use in the shower by either regulating the flow or aerating the water. This will allow you to reduce the water coming out of your shower head by up to 50% whilst still having a pleasant shower experience.  There are a few different ways your shower head can help you save water.

Aerator Shower Heads

Aerated shower heads blend water with air to create larger droplets of water. This gives the appearance and feeling of more water than there really is. As a result, you are left with a shower head that produces the same luxury experience whilst using up to 50% less water. The infusion of air and water in these showers will make you wonder why you ever needed a ‘power shower!’

Adjustable Shower Heads

Adjustable shower heads allow you to have different shower experiences, including more powerful showers, without using any extra water. Many adjustable shower heads will have a setting that will force the water through a smaller number of holes, allowing you to enjoy a strong shower flow without using any extra water (think about the increase in pressure when putting your finger over the end of your garden hose).

Although these shower heads aren’t necessarily water saving, they will allow you to experience a stronger flow without the increased water consumption which usually comes with powerful showers.

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